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Muzeum Polskiej Piosenki

Polish Song Museum

For children
Top 10th

The loudest museum in Poland! The legendary Millennium Amphitheatre houses state-of-the-art equipment and multimedia.  Its exhibitions paint a picture of Polish music from the 1920s onward. Fans of the famous Opole festivals can find information there on every edition of the event, as well as many original props and costumes used by performers, with an option to try them on in the virtual dressing room as well. Song recording booths are also very popular with visitors, enabling them to record favourite songs and receive the recordings by email as a souvenir. More knowledgable visitors can also try out the recording studio.
The Polish Song Museum is also a cultural centre hosting meet-the-artist sessions, concerts, museum lessons and classes for children.


Contact data
Muzeum Polskiej Piosenki
ul. Piastowska 14A
45-082 Opole
77 441 34 86
muzeum [at] muzeumpiosneki.pl