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Ogród Zoologiczny

Zoological Garden

For children
Top 10th

Embark on an exciting journey across the world by visiting the Opole Zoo! Along the way you will meet noble giraffes, cute red pandas, agile cougars, elegant zebras, friendly anteaters, as well as many ape and monkey species such as lemurs and gorillas. It also has a California sea lion pen and an exotic gorilla enclosure! The Opole Zoo is home to more than 1500 animals of 290 different species. It really feels like a tropical jungle or thick wilderness.
Visitors, especially younger ones, can enjoy a mini zoo, where they can pet animals. Other attractions include the feeding of many of the zoo’s species by the staff, which takes place at set hours. There are also playgrounds surrounded by greenery, picnic spots and food venues. The Zoo in the Polish Song Capital is a place you can spend several hours exploring without becoming bored!

Contact data
Ogród Zoologiczny Opole
ul. Spacerowa 10
45-094 Opole
77 45 42 858
zoo [at] zoo.opole.pl