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On Kołłątaja Street, on the left side walking towards the station, a small Indian restaurant called TULSI (basil) sits hidden. Inconspicuous and difficult to notice from the outside, it is sure to become one of your favourite food places in Opole when you cross its threshold. The restaurant’s Indian chef de cuisine crafts truly unforgettable dishes. Curry, paprika, lemongrass and coconut milk lend them vivid colours and intense aromas. Delicious tikka masala, korma and butter chicken rule the tables here, and those looking for something more spicy are sure to love some vindaloo. Genuine tandoori ovens are used to grill specially marinated meat and naan bread. Lassi, a yoghurt-based drink with mango or rose is another unique flavour worth exploring, and masala chai – tea with milk and hot spices – is sure to warm you up on a cold day. Dishes served at Tulsi are sure to satisfy both meat lovers and vegetarians.
A sister venue called Shanti opened at 25/1 Krakowska Street in March 2019. It is an Indian fast food joint serving several types of naan bread, dumplings such as samosa, sweet drinks and exotically-spiced coffee and tea. It also sells spices and oils used in Indian cuisine.

Reservations: tel: 535 187 759

TULSI is open
from 12:00 PM until 9:00 PM
every day except Mondays.

Contact data
ul. Kołłątaja 10/1
45-064 Opole
535 187 759