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Szpitalna Street is a picturesque place connecting the Market Square and the Młynówka canal. There, in an old granary-turned-tenement, you can find a café called Wintydż. Its wooden beams and brick walls, combined with a low ceiling and bar made of planks from a hundred-year-old mill, lend it a unique atmosphere. Thirsty guests can lay back in a couch with friends or hide in a soft armchair with a book in hand.    
The word “dessert” gets a new meaning here because the hallmark of the café are its unique drinks and milkshakes, which are so varied they are enough to make your head spin. White or dark chocolate? With wafers, chocolate bars or candy floss? Whipped cream or caramel? These are some of the important questions you need to answer when you take the menu into your hand, though an easier option is to simply give the café’s Facebook profile a like as it regularly publishes new, very imaginative dessert proposals.
For those who do not like sweets, Wintydż offers unique drinks with all kinds of fruit and surprising flavours. The glass you receive never looks like an ordinary glass. Rest assured, you will not leave with an empty stomach.

Reservations: tel: 514 515 123
Open: from 12:00 PM until midnight.

Contact data
ul. Szpitalna 17a
45-010 Opole
514 515 123
chcebyc [at] wintydz.pl