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Hip-Hop i Rock Opole

Opole Hip-Hop and Rock

Top 10th

A perfect warm-up before the festival are the Opole Hip-hop and Rock concerts, which have been taking place for several years now. The two events take place one week before the annual National Polish Song Festival. The goal – usher in a festival atmosphere and get the city singing, swinging and bouncing. Many would say that it is the most important event related to the festival. Others claim that it is much better than the festival itself!
The Opole Hip-hop and Rock concerts are traditionally organised in a field belonging to the Opole University Technology, drawing thousands of visitors every time. They are dedicated to the genres which do not appear on the scene of the Opole Amphitheatre during the festival, and are undeniable proof that Opole is the Song Capital of Poland, regardless of genre. In addition, the concerts are the best kind of reference to the old tradition of festival-related side concerts.

Contact data
Narodowe Centrum Polskiej Piosenki
ul. Piastowska 14A
45-082 Opole
+48 77 451 35 75
biuro [at] ncpp.opole.pl

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tel.: 501 958 255
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