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Opole Songwriters Festival

Opole Songwriters Festival

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Originally a small-scale event, the festival has been expanding to include more and more events and interesting artists every year. Now an international event, it is a celebration of the craft of song writing. It has taken place in Opole since 2012, spanning a period from September to November.
Previous participants include Tomasz Makowiecki, Anita Lipnicka and John Porter, as well as Hugo Race, who began his career as part of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Rykarda Parason from the US, with her atmospheric and dark folk music, in addition to Dominika Barabas, KARI, Oliver Hasse and Barbara Morgenstern, often referred to as the Björk of Berlin. Polish musician Kortez has also participated on more than one occasion, and it was the 2014 edition of the Opole Songwriters Festival that saw him live in concert for the first time ever!
The main idea behind the event is to present and promote niche songwriters in the intimate atmosphere of a club café. However, its popularity has been so great that some events during its second edition had to be organised in larger concert venues, such as the National Centre of Polish Song and the Opole Philharmonic. Other venues have included the Jan Kochanowski Theatre, and the festival has even taken place outdoors. The festival is becoming more popular by the year and is yet another event which proves that Opole is a music city in more ways than one.

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