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Festival Trail

The Festival Trail runs across Opole and along places related to the National Polish Song Festival. The trail is marked by birdhouses with QR codes, which enable app users to learn everything about the place they are in. Those who opt not to use the application can read about these places from leaflets offered by City Tourist Information Centres.
The birdhouses are mounted at the height of around 2 metres, and their appearance is a reference to one of the symbols of the Song Capital of Poland – the Piast Tower. The birds are a symbol of Opole, which is a city which loves to sing.
In addition to the birdhouses, visitors can find “navigator birds” in various places, offering directions on where the next stop on the trail is located. The birds point to the end of the trail, which is the location of the Amphitheatre, the National Centre of Polish Song and the Opole Museum of Polish Song.
Both the birdhouses and birds are cast in bronze and have been designed by local artist Andrzej Czyczyło.

Stops along the Festival Trail
1. Main Railway Station
2. Hotel Mercure (former Hotel Opole)
3. “Dworek Artystyczny” restaurant
4. University Hill
5. “Pod Pająkiem” restaurant
6. Polish Song Walk of Fame, Karol Musioł Monument
7. Castle Pond with musical fountain
8. Amphitheatre, National Centre of Polish Song, Opole Museum of Polish Song, Mateusz Święcicki and Jerzy Grygolunas Obelisk




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