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Opole is the voivodeship capital with a population of 128,000, located in Southern Poland near the Czech Republic (54 km away from the border) and Germany (240 km). The population of the entire agglomeration is estimated at 320,000, and the neighbouring gminas closely cooperate with the city economically, as well as by improving education standards and creating new jobs.
The city features convenient and fast railway network whose density is twice as high as the national average. River transport is also used extensively. Two river ports are situated on the banks of the Oder river on the territory of the gmina, featuring dock basins, railroad sidings and gantry cranes for cargo weighing up to several hundred tonnes. The city has great road access, the most important road being the international Dresden-Kiev motorway – the A4. If you opt to use it, teaching the nearest international airports in Wrocław (approx. 100 km) and Katowice (110 approx. km) takes less tan an hour. In addition, the Kamień Śląski airport, located only 24 km away from the city centre, accommodates air taxis and connections outside regular air traffic.
A robust public transport system is also present, adapted to the needs of investors both in regard to where new stops are situated and the frequency of buses. The public bicycle system has also been growing, and 35% of all roads in Opole are traffic-calming areas and bicycle lanes (124 km).
Modern-day Opole harmoniously blends tradition and modernity, as well as business and science. It is also a university city where innovative projects come to life, benefiting domestic and international companies.

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