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The city

Dla Studenta

Opole is a university city. Thousands of students and academics, dozens of university buildings, campuses and a cosy city atmosphere. During the academic year, every fourth person living in Opole is a student. They attend classes, live and work in every part of the city. Students create the atmosphere of Opole – it is enough to look around in cafes, streets and during concerts to see that it is true. All this makes for a unique atmosphere which sets Opole apart from other university cities in Poland.
Opole also houses dozens of research institutions, including the Science and Technology Park, various R&D centres, conference venues, start-ups and NGOs. They all work for the benefit of local students, as well as science and development as a whole.
The strong regional economy facilitates the development of the city’s academic offering. Thousands of jobs and great working conditions incentivise students to choose Opole.
All this is complemented by a plethora of cultural and entertainment events targeted at various audiences with different tastes. The local cultural and sporting venues have a lot to offer those looking for places to spend their free time. Studying in the Song Capital of Poland is a pleasure.

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