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The road and railway network has been renovated and is well maintained, and the wealth of transport options available means that Opole is not only easily accessible to all inhabitants of the region, but also to everyone who lives in South-Western Poland. State-of-the-art trains, bus connections and close proximity to a motorway all mean that reaching Opole is a quick, smooth and convenient experience. The main train and bus stations are located in the very centre of the city, close to the local universities. Over the coming years, they will be transformed into a modern transfer hub, significantly increasing the quality of life for passengers.
It is as easy to move around Opole as it is to reach it. A top-of-the-line fleet of city buses with WiFi access connects all university buildings, and students enjoy a 50% discount on tickets, which are also available in electronic form. You can also visit opole.kiedyprzyjedzie.pl to see real bus arrival times.
If you are not interested in taking a bus, you can opt to use the city bike system with its robust network of stations. Everything is close by in Opole. Moving around on foot is also a valid option, and if your destination is a little farther away, a bicycle can take you to anywhere in the city in 20 minutes.

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Opole City Hall
ul. Rynek 1A
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77 45 11 800
urzad [at] um.opole.pl