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Opole offers a wide range of activities and ways of spending free time. The city has no shortage of green and leisure areas connected by a network of bike paths insulated from the hustle and bustle of the city. Bolko Island, the banks of the Młynówka Canal, the Oder Park, the Karol Musioł Boulevard and above all the Opole Zoo, one of the most beautiful zoological gardens in Poland, are all perfect spots to relax in.
If exercising is what you are after, check out the many sporting and recreation venues located in the city, including the Toropol artificial ice rink, the Wodna Nuta 50-metre indoor swimming pool and the 25-metre Akwarium, the Błękitna Fala summer swimming pool, the Sports Centre located on Północna Street, as well as the various bowling alleys, fitness clubs and gyms. Those who like to stay active can enjoy the offering of a state-of-the-art athletics stadium with its various training facilities and a fitness centre.
If you enjoy nightlife, the city centre offers a great many opportunities to have fun. The Market Square and Little Market Quare, as well as Krakowska, Szpitalna and Osmańczyka Streets house dozens of bars, pubs and clubs open all night. Thousands of students meet up in the city centre to have a great time together. If you like to eat out, Opole has you covered with great restaurants and diners. From fast food sold by weight to sophisticated dishes from around to globe, you are certain to find something to enjoy that is within your price range.
The largest student event is the annual Piastonalia festival which takes place in May, but there is no shortage of cultural events all year round. The concerts, cabaret shows and theatre plays which take place in the city are open to everybody, and those with a knack for the fine arts have an opportunity to join the student world.
Opole is the Song Capital of Poland. Popular festivals take place every year here, the most famous among them being the National Polish Song Festival and the International Percussion Festival, which draws the greatest artists from around the globe. Other prestigious events which take place in the city include the Opole Theatre Confrontations, the Polish Puppet Theatre Festival and the Book Festival.
Everyone who comes to Opole should also visit the Polish Song Museum and the Museum of Opole Silesia. The rich offering of the National Centre of Polish Song includes concerts by artists both popular and obscure. The Exhibition and Congress Centre hosts concerts and fairs of all kinds, and the Stegu Arena is where large-scale, international sporting events are organised.
All this makes Opole a truly unique place to study in.

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