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Filharmonia Opolska im. Józefa Elsnera

Józef Elsner Opole Philharmonic


The Philharmonic is located in a modern building situated in the very centre of the city, neighbouring the picturesque Młynówka Canal. The repertoire has something to offer both those with very sophisticated tastes (classical music), and those who like high quality but accessible music (jazz, operettas, popular music). The Opole Philharmonic was formally founded in 1972, but the first local symphonic orchestra – the Small Symphonic Orchestra – was established much earlier – in 1947. It was transformed into the Opole Symphonic Orchestra in 1952, and into the Polish Symphonic Orchestra in Opole five years later. In 1969, the orchestra was named after Józef Elsner – Polish composer of German descent and mentor to Frederic Chopin. The building is witness to world-class performances by conductors, composers and soloists from around the globe, and the Opole Philharmonic Symphonic Orchestra takes part in prestigious cultural events in Poland and abroad. The Philharmonic also houses an atmospheric music club which serves great coffee and offers opportunities to enjoy soothing music. The building is wheelchair-friendly.

Contact data
Filharmonia Opolska
ul. Krakowska 24
45-075 Opole
77 44 23 270
filharmonia [at] filharmonia.opole.pl